I'm Jeremiah Langner. I work as an independent developer and designer practicing a wide range of skills. I design and build websites, mobile and desktop apps, and a wide assortment of widgets and plugins to beautify and simplify work and life.

Jeremiah Langner

Web Developer & Designer
E: jeremiah@jeremiahlangner.me
T: +1 864 735 5640


JavaScript - ES6, jQuery, TypeScript, Node.js, Electron, Ionic, familiarity with frameworks: React.js, Angular, Meteor, Vue.js
Templating/Layout - HTML, CSS/SASS/LESS, Liquid, PHP, EJS
Database - MongoDB, CouchDB/PouchDB, MySQL
Other Skills - Bootstrap 4, Wordpress, Jekyll, Shopify, Git, Automation, Game Development, Phaser.js, Unity, C#


Contract Developer
2009 - Present
  • Built a multi-platform JavaScript-based Electron desktop application as client-side CMS for Jekyll-based static websites hosted on Git platforms.
  • Built Node.js based SMTP relay and API service to handle receipt of HTML form data via email for static websites.
  • Built and Implemented Wordpress Plugins and modules to enhance and correct front-end UX, and add or repair administrative functionality on multiple websites.
  • Wrote HTML Email templates and Designed command-line HTML email code generator to implement backward-compatible cross-client responsive email designs for bulk email services like MailChimp, Eloqua, SalesFusion, and Klaviyo.
  • Created and launched basic third-party APIs to automate information retrieval and display on Wordpress websites.
Contract Illustrator & Designer
2007 - Present
  • Styled Application front-end for client-facing Mobile App for international transportation management company.
  • Designed and oversaw production of branding, advertisements, and marketing materials for individuals, small-business clients, and some fortune 100 corporations.
  • Designed and maintained layout for 80-page quarterly publication.
  • Created spot and incidental illustrations for various digital and print publications.

Select Clients

Old Dominion Freight Line, Fortis Riders, American Daffodil Society, Southern Tide, Buffalo Jackson, The Wheelhouse Group, Tangible Strategies, Bob Jones University Press